Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Project - Underbust Corset

For the festival, my sister's friend commissioned me for a corset. She came up and we spent a couple hours picking out fabric and going over the general construction, taking measurements, and communicating ideas. I put off the finish until very early on the day I had to deliver, so I didn't actually get a picture of the finished product. I'm not even sure she got to go to the festival, so I'm not sure it's been debuted yet. I've got to get better at photographing my things.

Jayne, my trusty overseer. Please pardon the massive mess.
I was drafting this and about 4 other things at the same time.
Side view, since this gets the most fabrics in one shot. This is pretty much
just the shell and the lining. No bones, no biding, no grommets, and no laces.

And this is at about 4:00 the next morning. Various size knitting needles to
insert the grommets, and hammer and tools for setting them. This is right up
there with ruffles on the list of things that I hate.

 Made with all cotton/poly-cotton fabrics. I (obviously) didn't hand-bind this one since I was so pressed for time. It was still a lot of fun, and I hope that I get to see Sabrina wear it one day. Maybe I'll bother her about it some more...

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