Sunday, August 3, 2014

Movie Map

A little bit of random geekery today. I am recovering from an ear infection, and for 2 days all I could do was sit around and watch movies. When I realized that each movie shared an actor with another movie, they began to chain together. Here's what happened afterward.

It's kinda a horrible picture, but the only movie I haven't connected yet is Cowboys and Aliens. We have several movies that I could connect it with, but I haven't watched them yet. It will probably be Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for that one, connecting Sean Connery from Robin Hood to Harrison Ford.

I accidentally connected Legend of Korra in there with Dante Basco, who is Rufio in Hook. I also didn't realize until I was watching Robin Hood that the Sheriff's cousin, Guy, is also Armand from The Count of Monte Cristo. I had connected that one in through Richard Harris (Count=Priest, HP=Dumbledore).

Return of the King gets me all sorts of connections now, and I can pretty well watch any other movie on our movie rack and it will still tie in somehow.

EDIT: I feel the need to note that I am almost fully recovered from the ear infection. This took place last weekend and even then I only watched 5 or 6 movies over 3 days. The rest of them have been tossed in over the last week.