Monday, April 28, 2014

Skyrim - Larien hates Draugr

Never. Again. I think I would rather face down a dragon than another Draugr. Nasty, dead, dusty, dead Nords. I don't know why they're so violent. It's not like we came in and tried to desecrate their resting place. I don't know what it is with these Nords... Why did we need the stupid crown to begin with? It looked like it had been resting on the head of the Draugr King for some time, so why did we suddenly need it to make Elisif queen? Something strange did happen down there, though, aside from the dead attacking anything living. We went through a puzzle door (I have GOT to learn the mechanics for those!) using an ebony dragon claw we found on one of the Stormcloaks. It led into a huge chamber where we fought the big, bad draugr. There was a wall in the back and as I walked by I felt a pull toward it. I blacked out and all I could see was a single word that seemed to glow and my head was full of chanting. Now the word is burned into my brain. I don't even know the language! I wonder if there's a wizard in Solitude who could tell me what it means. Maybe I'll see after I give this ugly hat to the general.


I'm back home now. The cruise was amazing! Mahogany Bay in Honduras, Belize City (and a lot of jungle) in Belize, and Cozumel in Mexico! Relaxing, eating, snorkeling, zip-lining, cave tubing, and shopping. Sunburn, fish bites, sand scrapes, and pictures... Yes. Pictures. I have them. They are hiding on another Google program. They will end up here, I promise! Look for the next 4 Fridays to be posts about the cruise.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Skyrim - The Legion

I realize that Skyrim isn't a heavily populated region, but you would think there were enough people to go around. I got to the Legate in Solitude and she decided that I need to join the Empire. Whatever. There's some decent armor and pay in it for me, and the Empire operates all over Tamriel. Maybe if I help out here I can request to be stationed back home. I have to "prove myself" to the legate before she'll sign me up. It seems she wants me to clear out an old fort so she can set up some troops there. Bandits are currently in residence. Maybe I can snag some extra coin from this...

I have really got to invest in a horse or something. Clearing out the bandits wasn't so hard, but walking there and walking back is not exactly my mug of ale. Rikke was impressed, and now I'm decked out in some Imperial leathers, so it wasn't all bad. I did walk in on a conversation between her and the General, though, and it didn't sound like something I want to get involved in. They're going to some tomb to get something called the Jagged Crown. It'll apparently help them set Elisif on the throne, and they don't want the Stormcloaks to get it. AAANNNDDD, here she comes. Looks like I'm going with them.


Another two-for-one day. By now I am on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Life is good.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Skyrim - Whiterun

Those brawl-crazed Companions were fighting a giant, and it looked like they weren't doing so well. I got a couple good shots in on him from a distance and they finished him off. One of them approached me and said to go see about joining the Companions myself. I don't know... Coming into a fight screaming and waving an axe isn't really my style, and it seems to be what they're all about.

Ha! The lunatics! Jarl Balgruuf sent me to his wizard who wants me to go BACK to Riverwood, BACK toward the dragon. Not going to happen. I've acquired a bow that's actually worth something and some more arrows and stocked up on supplies, and I am out of here! There's no way I'm going to be able to afford a horse, but there is a cart for hire and he says he'll take me to Solitude for a small price. I can rest easy enough knowing Balgruuf sent some men to Riverwood to help protect them. On my way out one of the families here asked me to help track down one of their men. Seemed easy enough. I snuck into a rival clan's house, stole a book, took it back to the Grey-Mane's, and now they want me to go get the guy! Here's the catch: He's a prisoner of the Altmer. For some reason the Aldmeri Dominion wants him. I don't want to tangle in that. If they have him, he's likely already dead. Like I said, I'm out of here. I'm done with this town and its dead tree and battle-thirsty Nords.


Two for one today. They're pretty short.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I've Tried That - Fairy Wings

My most favorite and popular Renaissance Festival has been my fairy costume. While I just kinda made up the wing process as I went, this is almost exactly how I made mine. Thanks, Mommy Blessings!

Photo belongs to Mommy Blessings
To follow her wonderful tutorial to make some fairy wings for yourself, just Click on This Wonderful Link!

Do you want to see my costume? I bet you do. Here you go!

Here's the costume minus the wings. There are various pieces of jewelry and some belts and tails that go with it.
And here I am wearing it! I'm teaching the hubby to dance the Korobushka.
My wings, though I am not wearing them. This is my sister (in the black) and her friend Sabrina (in my wings).

Monday, April 7, 2014

Skyrim Adventures - Trapped!

Well, it looks like I'm stuck here. There's only one guaranteed way out of Skyrim and there could be a dragon guarding it now. I was on my way south into Cyrodiil when a bunch of Stormcloaks came running out and even more Imperials followed, grabbing anyone they could. They got most of the storm cloaks, some horse-thief, and me. Damn this civil war. I could have been out of the blasted cold and on my way home to Valenwood by now! Instead, I was put out cold, shoved into a cart with the horse thief and a couple other Nords, and taken back up to Helgen to have my head removed from my body. "Who are you? Where you from? Blah, blah, blah." They didn't care. Put me on a list, line me up with the rest, swing of the axe, not their problem anymore. Thank the nine for dragons! My neck was on the block, the axe was in the air, and my winged savior of fire and death swooped in to save the day. Granted, he soon decided I'd make a better snack than adoring fan and tried to eat me. I've run most of the way to Whiterun now, having followed one of the Imperials, Hadvar, out of the dragon's path. He cut my bonds and had his cousin in Riverwood give me some supplies for the road. They offered to let me stay, but I plan on getting as far away from that furnace with wings as I can. I was told to go to Solitude. As far as Hadvar was concerned my crimes were clear, but he's not the Empire. There's some general up north that can clear me for good and I might find some work to pay my way out of this frozen Hell. Hadvar's cousin begged me to go to Whiterun first, though. He wants me to tell the Jarl about what happened and beg for troops. I wonder if I can buy a horse in Whiterun... I don't think I'll make it to Solitude if I have to run. Wait... There's fighting up ahead!


 So here's the deal... I launched myself into Skyrim again a couple weeks ago. I then started getting some free time at work and decided to write my adventures down. They aren't exactly in order; I've changed the order of my actions for a better story flow.

We are following a Bosmer named Larien. She is a skilled archer and is honing her skills at thievery. And she pretty much hates Skyrim.

Expect more of this. I've got quite a bit.

Other upcoming blog posts: Several recipes, a few costumes, and a cruise!