Monday, July 7, 2014

Adventure! Tulsa Zoo

For my 25th birthday in June, I decided I needed to go to the zoo. I haven't been to a zoo in a couple years, so it was a blast. My dad also gave me his Nikon D80 as a birthday present, so I got to play Pixi-Box Pirate again. Here are the results...

The first grr-animal of the day... She was bright enough to be one!

The big marble globe. It spins in water, so it can get a little tough
to stop. Quala and Cowboy were giving it their best shot!

It was a very, very warm day. Even the bears didn't want any part of it.

Just think... I'm going to go diving in a lake that's home to some
of these in mid-July...

They stopped to feed the turtles.

Sister got tired.

This guy was all over the place! Finally tired out, though, and
I was able to get a shot.

And this guy didn't care how hot it was. He was having a blast.

Climbing some stuff. There were some little kids grabbing on
to Erin to try and climb her up... That didn't work.

"Stop taking pictures of me, I'm trying to sleep!"

Baby flamingo! He was very cute, although the noise he made was not.

It was feeding time, so we stopped and chilled here for a while.
Giraffe tongues are hilarious!!

And Emperor Penguins are apparently HUGE!

Meerkats were done with the heat as well.

Lunchtime for all the animals, I guess. This ugly guy was carrying
around a dead lizard.

And this one, probably my favorite animal at the zoo, got a pretty
awesome salad.

BOk employees at the BOk pavilion!

And we can't go to the zoo without seeing the Elephants.
I had a wonderful time! Friends from work, friends from other parts of the state, and family, all hanging out, getting rained upon, staring at animals, and then joining up at Ted's for a very, very big lunch. It was a good day.

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