Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Project - Gandalf!

My super-awesome cousin decided he wanted to be Gandalf for the Renaissance festival this year. Backing up some, last year we were taking care of Isaac and his brothers while my grandmother was in the hospital. We took them to the festival with us, and they all loved it. Isaac wanted to go again this year, and he asked me on the way home LAST year if I could make him a Gandalf costume this year. I was all over that, and he loved it.

As usual, Jayne was helping.

The robe on its own.

Robe, hat, and scarf. There's a grey wig stitched into the back of the hat
for the long hair.

Look! A picture of someone wearing something I made!
This was before we went in. The band around the beard was
because the hair was falling out like crazy and getting everywhere.

Isaac had Quala thrown in jail this year for a whole list of reasons.
He had to sing some Rush to get out.

The robe was made of some really cheap grey fabric from Wal-Mart. The hat was out of felt with some wire run through the brim. The "staff" was a prop from my fairy costume a few years back, as was the leather belt. The scarf was some bargain-bin shiny silver stuff from Hancock's that I wish I had more of. None of the pictures show it, but there's also a small chainmaille bag on the belt that he's got his money in.

As an added treat, have a picture of my sister and I in costume.
My patchwork corset, ridiculously long skirt, and too-many belts,
and Sister's Halloween costume from last year. We're still not sure what she was.
My corset is actually pieced together from upholstery sample books, and the skirt used to be a curtain. Sister's get-up was all fabric she purchased. Look for a post on that one next week.

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