Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Project - 55G

This is what Sister has been calling it. 55G - Steam-Stilt Girl. She was going to wear it with a pair of stilts.

The bloomers. She's actually wearing the stilts in this one.

The back of the "corset" and the bustle. I had a lot of fun
with the bustle!

The front of the whole thing.

"This isn't a real corset! I can still move in this! Thanks, Anny!"
The word fabric is some sort of canvas from Hobby Lobby, the bloomers and blouse are from muslin, and the skirt is black broadcloth. No process pictures here, since I wasn't really set up for that sort of thing. My sewing machine was in the dark office at the time.

And I think that's all I've got in the project buffer for now... Though maybe by this point (my posts are scheduled) I'll have some other projects done and ready to post.

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