Monday, June 16, 2014

Skyrim - Larien goes to Windhelm ((Update before posting))

Nope. Not going to do it. This shouting thing might come in handy in a pinch, but I am NOT their precious Dragonborn. I am an elf, and a rather small and unimportant one at that. I am not a Nord, I don't worship Talos, I don't think mead is the greatest thing ever, and I don't like an all-out brawl. I hate the cold and I hate dragons and I just want to go home. The greybeards tried to tell me that I am Dragonborn and they told me that I can "shout" because there is dragon blood in my veins. They trained me some and now they want me to go down into yet another draugr-hole and get an old horn for them. I don't understand why I should. Maybe the whole thing will fade if I just don't use it... Balgruf said to take his axe to Ulfric in Windhelm, to see if there can be peace between Windhelm and Whiterun. This might get me something to take back to the general. Stick to the original plan: Use the Legion to go home. Just leave all this dragon nonsense to the Nords.

What a depressing town! No wonder the Stormcloaks are losing, if this is where the center of their cause lies. I'm a little hesitant to walk up to Ulfric, so I'm going to look around some. Someone said there was a kid trying to perform the Black Sacrament. Who would a child want to kill, I wonder?


(What have you been doing with your life?)