Friday, February 25, 2011

Princess Seam Bodice Generator

Look what I did! And I'm letting anyone who wants to use it do so. This works for me, and I'd love to see how it works for you. This is taking the place of the dressing up/tutorial today, in case you couldn't tell.

To make it work, all you have to do is take your measurements and put them in the appropriate purple squares. Then follow the directions to draft your pattern! There are some notes at the bottom, so make sure you read those before you start.

This is not the final product! This is only the beginning of this "program."

It is password protected, and if you manage to crack the password and steal my work, well... Ok. I hope you feel really bad for it. I can't keep you from stealing things.

Just click on the link below to download the file. If you have any questions or suggestions or comments, leave them here as a comment or send me an email at

Download Anny's Princess Seamed Bodice Generator.


  1. so young and so clever! I love Excel and I love sewing and have today discovered the flattering dress I like has 'princess seams' so curious to see how this spreadsheet works. Is it in inches or cms? I would like to see the image that went with this ( I had to download from your blog as the 'Cut out an Keep' didn't work

    1. The measurements are in inches. As for the image, it has been a couple years since I worked on this and I forgot what image went with it... so sorry!

      I very much hope this works out for you. Please let me know how your dress turns out!

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  3. you know, I used this last October to draft and make myself a gown. it was the perfect starting point, and I meant to come back here and thank you...but I just realized I never did. so, THANK YOU for the work you put into this, and thank you for making it freely available. In case you care, I blogged some (terrible) pics of the final garment here:

  4. Ugh, you are awesome :-D Can't wait to try this!

  5. Hi,I'm a newbie, and I was curious as to what you meant by underarm to bust measurement? did you mean from the underarm to the outermost point of the breast, from one underarm to the other across the outermost point of the breast, or from the underarm to the underbustline?

  6. just wondering if you still update your blog, can you add pictures of how to add the curves, once the lines are drawn.


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