Friday, February 11, 2011

Dress-up Day

Today is a good day for a costume. I think I shall share a pirate one that I didn't make much of but pulled together from thrift store finds. First, however, I have decided to give you all a boring schedule! I'll be updating about specific things on certain days. Like today, and hopefully every Friday hereafter, is about costumes. I don't have enough costumes to keep this up for very long, though, so sometimes there will be a crafty tutorial instead. So here it is, the list of what to expect:
  • Monday - Stuff I've learned - Various lessons I've learned in my 21 years that I think everyone needs to know.
  • -Tuesday - World of Warcraft updates. They'll likely be about what Immortal Kings has done in raids or about a new way I found of being a better warlock.
  • Wednesday - From the Kitchen. Yep. I'll give you a new recipe every week, and they will have been tested in my kitchen and tasted by my picky husband.
  • Thursday - Sharing of the Links. I'll try to post a couple new finds that I found exceptionally awesome.
  • Friday - Costumes or crafts. See paragraph above.
  • Saturday - If I update on a Saturday, it will be about movies, because I love them.
No, I will not update on Sunday unless I feel that it's a life or death situation. Seriously though... A life or death situation based  around blogging? Don't think so.

Enough boring! Let's play dress-up!

No, I'm not the mostly shirtless guy. That's Cameron from Barely Balanced. They are my favorite show at any Renaissance festival, and I was very surprised to find them at the Norman Renaissance Festival three years ago. Enough about them. Now it's about me!

So where did the pieces come from? The black lace on top of my head (seen better in a different picture with a model) was snatched from my mom's Bag o' Belly Dance forever ago. The blue chainmaille necklace I made. The apple-seed necklace, barely seen here due to the bag, is from a yard sale. The people running it were going to throw it away because they couldn't get it un-knotted. I did, so they gave it to me. The shirt is a hand-me-down. The purple thing around my waist is a scarf I got from Wal-Mart on sale for $3.00. The silver and black dagger is from Scarlett's Midwinter Festival, which is no longer running. That makes me cry. The two belts are from my favorite thrift store back home. I got the bottle at this festival the year before, and ten minutes before we left for it the year this was taken, I finished the bottle holder. The dagger on my leg was a gift from a friend when we went to the Texas festival. The pants I got from Salvation Army, as well as the boots. I made the bag.

So. This just goes to show you what collecting a bunch of stuff will do. The rest of my costumes are primarily made my me and have a lot more layers, but this one was just "Oh! I have this that I could put here, and there's that that I could wrap on my head, and OOH! This dagger would go great here!"

Here are a couple more pictures of the costume on someone else.

Tomorrow will be a rant about Lord of the Rings: Movie vs. Book. You could probably skip it.


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