Monday, July 22, 2013

I've Tried That: Indian Shisha Embroidery

This isn't a matter of working or not, but rather a matter of "can anyone do it?"

Shisha is the Hindi word for "little glass" and Shisha Embroidery is embroidering little pieces of glass (mirrors) to something. Here's what it looks like:

Photo belongs to Emily of Joyful Abode
My mom saw this picture on my Pinterest board and decided I needed to try it on a stocking swap she was doing with her quilt guild (lots of fun, that little project). My first one looked like crap, but the second and third ones looked pretty good.

The verdict:
Yep. Anyone who has at least a beginner's embroidery skill level and the ability to follow a picture tutorial can do this. Don't expect the first few to look this awesome, but don't get discouraged, either. It's fun and it looks really cool. I plan to do this around the bottom of an apron, actually... When we get the house unpacked and squared away.

Joyful Abode - Tutorial: Indian Shisha Mirror Embroidery

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