Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You're confined to your bed for 3 months...

... due to a serious illness. What do you miss, and what's the first thing you'll do once they let you outside?

Wow. This year's flu really got out of hand. It wasn't this bad last time I had it. The doctors say I should be better next week. Better enough to get out of this damn bed and go outside for a few minutes, at least. I can hardly wait! Birds and rain don't sound the same through a window, and with the freaking equipment beeping nothing sounds natural anymore. I wonder if they'll let me go to the lake... I don't want to get it, I just want to sit next to it and listen. I've missed natural sounds and smells and the feel of sunlight on my skin. You know that feeling when you go out on the first nice day in Spring in a tank top? When the breeze sweeps across your back and the warmth of the sun feels so soft an inviting? Or the smell of the first mowing of the year, so sweet and strong? I miss the squirrels barking when I walk outside and the birds chirping as they pick their favorite seeds out of the bird feed or find a particularly juicy worm to munch on. I miss playing in the dirt and planting new seeds. I think that's the first thing I'll do when I get to go home; I'm going to find a packet of seeds and plant a flowerbed. I'm just so sleepy right now, though. Maybe a nap...

So I got this wonderful book called 642 Things to Write About. It's a book of writing prompts, and I've decided to use it to jump-start my blog again and work around this writer's block I've had for the last several years. Hope you enjoy what I come up with! If you'd like to get the book yourself, you can find it on Amazon. I bought mine at Anthropologie for the same price, though.

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