Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World of Warcraft: Vashj'ir

Wow. It's been a while. I've had work and Josh and I had a friend over for the weekend and all sorts of other nonsense. Working in the morning is not conducive to blogging in the morning. This nightmare of a job should be over soon, though. I'm trying to get a different job.

So what happened to getting to see something I'm working on? I haven't had time to work on anything. The last thing I made was the start of the Sarah dress. I'll have to try to finish that this week. I did get a hot glue gun, though, so I'm going to try and make a top hat for my upcoming Steampunk costume. We'll see how that goes.

Now... On to World of Warcraft. I knew there was a reason I chose Tuesdays as WoW blog days. Patch day! I am WoW-less today. Is it 4.1 patch day? I kinda hope so. Us 'locks don't get a lot of changes, but the ones we do get look pretty sweet. Rain of Fire does 25% more damage, and Mana Feed give back more mana when you're using a Felguard or Felhunter. Another useful feature they're throwing in goes with Dungeon Finder. That system will try not to put two DPS of the same armor type (cloth, leather, etc.) together. Loot will become much easier!

And now... The moment you've all been waiting for... My thoughts on the underwater Cataclysm zone of Vashj'ir! In short, this is my favorite zone from the new content. I thought Hyjal was good, and I really liked Twilight Highlands, but oh my. Vashj'ir was wonderful! I waited until I had done everything else to do this one and I kinda wish I hadn't. Being underwater for 140+ quests did not sound like my cup of tea. It's really not that bad, though. You get "Sea Legs" pretty close to the start, so you can run along the floor and you get a movement speed increase. After a few quests of that, you get your seahorse. It's an underwater only mount that you can only use in Vashj'ir, but it makes the whole thing go by faster. I was lucky and started out with my Turtle mount (from fishing). He's not as fast as the seahorse, but he's a whole lot cuter.

Vashj'ir's main faction is Earthen Ring. The first guy you talk to down there is in the ER, and most of the people you will quest for are also part of it. I like Earthen Ring a lot. Sometimes I wonder if I should be a Shaman instead of a Warlock. Enough of that, though. If you need gear and you are a healer, I suggest getting your reputation up with these guys. They've got a ton of it.

Your primary enemy is not the Twilight's Hammer. No, you get to slaughter a ton of Naga, who have teamed up with the TH. The foul creatures are sinking ships and carrying off the passengers to mine pearls inside an old clam-god named Nespirah. There's some cultists in there that you get to mess up as you save Nespirah from becoming a weapon of destruction. After that you get the shard of a broken trident. One of the shaman sends you on a few quests to attune yourself with it. I turned into a Battlemaiden of Naz'jar and helped ward off an invasion of Kvaldir, found an important artifact for a summoning ritual, and otherwise helped in the miserable end of the quest-line in Vashj'ir. Of course, these were things that the Battlemaiden had already done and I was "reliving" them.

Long story short, the Naga summoned the Kraken that sunk the ship you were on at the very beginning of the quest-line. The Kraken is some sort of horrible enemy of Neptulon. The Naga aren't content with ruling Vashj'ir; they want the realm of the Tidehunter, too. All of the things you did as the Battlemaiden are now coming to fruition. You go to the big purple swirly vortex of terror with Captain Taylor and the shaman that picked you up at the beginning. Neptulon shows up. And then Naz'jar shows up with a bunch of Naga and her new pet Kraken. I will leave the rest for you to figure out. Needless to say, I almost cried. Seriously.

Some time tomorrow I will post a recipe for Fry Bread. If you've not had it before, you're in for a real treat. I was thinking about making another batch today.


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