Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rare Sunday Update: Wedding Photos

I'm posting this to link to somewhere else. These are pictures taken on November 20, 2010... The day I got married!

Here's my dress. Ok, next!
Ok. I'm kidding. This is the dress I bought when my mom, sister, and I left to get some graham crackers. It was in the bottom of a box of evening dresses the thrift store owners brought down because they wanted the fashion show my sister was giving them to continue. It was a whole $45. I had a $50 in my wallet from selling back text books the day before.

Here's a better one of the dress. You get a train shot in this one. You also get to see the shirts I made for the groomsmen.

Here's one of the whole party. From left to right: Amanda (roommate from OCU), Kenzie (the girl I adopted as my sister), Sarah (my sister and maid of honor), Me, Josh, Thommeh (Josh's best man), Jake, and Cameron (all three were roommates from OCU). The two little ones are Brooklynn and Taya, girls I've known since their mamas were pregnant with them.

I made all the purple dresses and the guys' shirts. The dresses were an experience. I learned a lot with them on basic dress construction and linings and trim. The guys shirts taught me about hand sewing and gathering, mostly.

This one's just cute and I want to post it. Also, yes. I am barefoot. I didn't wear shoes when I got married.

This is one of my favorite photos from that day. Yeah, I'm all sorts of different colors where the tan is concerned, but you know what, it's fine. I'm freaking beautiful.

I'll put the bouquets and table toppers and everything else up later. My laptop is freaking out.


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