Tuesday, May 10, 2011

World of Warcraft : Lures

We've all seen them... Heat Treated Spinning Lure, Feathered Lure, Shiny Bauble... But with the way Fishing works now, where if you can get to the pool you can fish from it, what's the point of increasing your fishing level for a few minutes?

I've heard some theories that try to answer this question, disproved them, and then I made my own. Here are the other theories:
-The higher your fishing, the less you have to wait to catch something after you cast.
This sounds plausible, but in my most recent round of fishing, it was the type of fish that affected the length of the wait. Deepsea Sagefish consistently bit in the first half of the bar, where everything else bit when time was almost out. The lure didn't matter in this case.
-The higher your fishing, the more likely you are to land in the node.
Once again, my most recent round of fishing proves this wrong. I landed outside the node about half the time I was out there. To 100 Fathom Eel (pool fish), I caught 40 Deepsea Sagefish and 46 Murglesnout (both fished outside of pools).

My last round of fishing lasted 3 hours. It was on May 1 in Uldum. My goal was to fish up 200 fish that typically come from pools. I went for Blackbelly Mudfish and Fathom Eel, 100 each. The entire time I was fishing, I was using a Heat-Treated Spinning Lure, which increased my fishing by 150. I started at level 413 and ended at 450 (which got me Skills to Pay the Bills). I caught 382 fish and only pulled up 35 pieces of junk.

My theory:
The higher your fishing level, the more chance you stand to pull up fish instead of junk outside of pools. The data I gathered fits so far, but I've only got one side of it. I'm going to try fishing again without lures and see what the data says then.

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