Saturday, July 12, 2014

Costume Policy

Good morning, all! After a couple years with my current policy of "you buy the fabric, I'll make the costume," I have found some things that work and some that don't. My schedule has gotten a lot busier, and my system needs some more structure. It's time for an update, and this is it. When my services are requested, I will go over these with you and send you a link to this page.
  1. I would like at least 6 months warning to make the costume. Three months is the minimum. I usually end up drafting most of the patterns. This takes time. I will also hand-sew things to give them a cleaner finish. This, again, takes time. Sometimes things come up and I am unable to work on a costume, as well. 
  2. We get together at least once before the supplies are bought so that we can discuss what you want and I can get measurements. This allows me to estimate the supplies needed, time requirements, and your involvement. It also allows me to collect contact information so that I can call/text/message you with updates or to set up times for fittings.
  3. If the costume is going to be a copy of something in a TV show/Movie/Anime, you  must provide the reference pictures. I would also appreciate the season and episode of the show/anime or the name of the movie so that I may watch..
  4. You pay for the fabric and other supplies. Supplies include but are not limited to: buttons, zippers, bias tape, special and/or matching thread, patterns, etc. I keep whatever is left over. If it's a special tool (i.e. a ruler, grommet pliers, etc.) I will buy it, because I will keep it and use it on more than just your costume.
  5. You are present for the purchase of the fabric and supplies. This is the only way I can be 100% positive that you are getting what you want. It also makes it easier for you to pay for the fabric and supplies rather than me trying to keep up with a receipt. I am more than willing to provide coupons and search for sales to help out, and I'm free most evenings and weekends.
  6. You must be present for the mock-up fitting AND a final fitting/photoshoot. I may have all your measurements on a piece of paper, but that is for reference only. The only way to be sure that the costume will fit is to try it on and make adjustments. Doing this before the costume is complete saves me a lot of frustration and will end up saving you some money. Please be aware that I may request that you come for another fitting before I start finishing the costume. Some things, like corsets, are more involved than others. The final fitting is so I can take a picture.
  7. I am now requesting payment. This is more donation-style than set-in-stone. I am open to trades, dinner, your services, and cash. Your payment method may be discussed in our initial meeting.
There will be exceptions to these rules, of course, to be determined by me. These are also subject to change at any given time. By commissioning me for a costume, you agree to the above "terms and conditions."

That is all.

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