Monday, June 23, 2014

Skyrim - Larien in Windhelm, Part 2

As run-down as most of Windhelm is, the Grey Quarter is worse. All of the Dunmer in the city are forced to live there. I like it. Despite their treatment, the Dunmer here are very friendly and ready to talk to anyone. I went into a shop to unload some things I picked up on the road, and the keeper was so nervous I didn't even have to prod him to find out that he had accidentally bought a stolen ring. He begged me to plant it in the house of the original owner. Haha! It was too funny to turn down, and easy money besides. I think I've made a friend. I did go talk to that kid, too. Sad story, that. He was orphaned and sent to live in an orphanage in Riften, and I guess the house mother was horrible to all the children. He ran away and made it back home and now wants her dead. On top of that, he thinks I came from the Dark Brotherhood to accept the contract! Maybe I'll go to Riften to see if Grellod really is as bad as he says. Children deserve better treatment than he described.

Why me? I seem to have entered Windhelm in the midst of some serial killer's fun-time killing spree. There's a girl dead in the graveyard (fitting?) and the guards seem to be stretched too thin to do anything, even though the trail is obvious. Literally. There is a trail of blood from the body to an empty house on the north side of town. I wonder if the steward has the key and if he does, if he'll let me in to look around. Maybe there's some coin in it for me if I solve the crime. .. I have to go to the palace anyway to see what Ulfric wants to do.

I have to get back to Whiterun! Ulfric is going to attack! He came out and said as much to me when he returned Balgruf's axe. Oh, for a horse!


This weekend is when all the fun will happen. I've taken off work on Friday to see about the lavender farm and we're going to the zoo on Saturday and then Sunday will be the gigantic family reunion out at the lake. There's a good amount of blog fodder to be had all three days!

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