Monday, May 26, 2014

Skyrim - Larien and the Thalmor

Insane. They're all insane! I'm supposed to go back to Whiterun to deliver a message to Balgruf. The Stormcloaks are massing for an attack and it has become my job to tell Balgruf and see which side of this civil war he's on. I might as well go see if that Grey-Mane is still alive. Maybe I'm just putting off heading South, though.

I promise I was discrete! How is it that everyone knows it was me that invaded that Aldmeri camp and slaughtered everyone?! Yes, I went and rescued the Grey-Mane kid. Town guards are chuckling as I walk past "I heard you gave the Aldmeri Dominion a black eye!" That is the LAST time I go on a rescue mission. I don't want trouble with the Altmer. At least I got the Grey-Mane out of there. It looked like he'd been there a while and they had more than their fair share of fun with the torture on the poor guy. I don't blame him for joining the Stormcloaks after that. They Thalmor are supposed to be with the Empire, but they're monsters. His family was happy to hear he was alive as well, and I got a nice reward for my trouble. I wonder if it will be enough to pay off any Altmer that comes after me for killing a relative...


Sorry. Lost track of the blogging. We're back to Larien, and I'll fix the pictures and add some more from the cruise as well. Keep looking for those on Friday. There are some cool pictures of costumes I made for this year's Renaissance festival as well, and possibly some other awesome sewing adventures. Look for those on Wednesdays, maybe.

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