Monday, April 14, 2014

Skyrim - Whiterun

Those brawl-crazed Companions were fighting a giant, and it looked like they weren't doing so well. I got a couple good shots in on him from a distance and they finished him off. One of them approached me and said to go see about joining the Companions myself. I don't know... Coming into a fight screaming and waving an axe isn't really my style, and it seems to be what they're all about.

Ha! The lunatics! Jarl Balgruuf sent me to his wizard who wants me to go BACK to Riverwood, BACK toward the dragon. Not going to happen. I've acquired a bow that's actually worth something and some more arrows and stocked up on supplies, and I am out of here! There's no way I'm going to be able to afford a horse, but there is a cart for hire and he says he'll take me to Solitude for a small price. I can rest easy enough knowing Balgruuf sent some men to Riverwood to help protect them. On my way out one of the families here asked me to help track down one of their men. Seemed easy enough. I snuck into a rival clan's house, stole a book, took it back to the Grey-Mane's, and now they want me to go get the guy! Here's the catch: He's a prisoner of the Altmer. For some reason the Aldmeri Dominion wants him. I don't want to tangle in that. If they have him, he's likely already dead. Like I said, I'm out of here. I'm done with this town and its dead tree and battle-thirsty Nords.


Two for one today. They're pretty short.

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