Monday, April 21, 2014

Skyrim - The Legion

I realize that Skyrim isn't a heavily populated region, but you would think there were enough people to go around. I got to the Legate in Solitude and she decided that I need to join the Empire. Whatever. There's some decent armor and pay in it for me, and the Empire operates all over Tamriel. Maybe if I help out here I can request to be stationed back home. I have to "prove myself" to the legate before she'll sign me up. It seems she wants me to clear out an old fort so she can set up some troops there. Bandits are currently in residence. Maybe I can snag some extra coin from this...

I have really got to invest in a horse or something. Clearing out the bandits wasn't so hard, but walking there and walking back is not exactly my mug of ale. Rikke was impressed, and now I'm decked out in some Imperial leathers, so it wasn't all bad. I did walk in on a conversation between her and the General, though, and it didn't sound like something I want to get involved in. They're going to some tomb to get something called the Jagged Crown. It'll apparently help them set Elisif on the throne, and they don't want the Stormcloaks to get it. AAANNNDDD, here she comes. Looks like I'm going with them.


Another two-for-one day. By now I am on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Life is good.

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